New & Advanced Treatments

Botox® (botulinum toxin)

Botox was recently approved by the FDA for use in chronic migraine headaches. Botox is used for cervical dystonia (painful neck muscle spasm), spasticity (spasms), Migraine Headache and other pain problems.


An outpatient procedure in which a radiofrequency current is used to heat a small volume of nerve tissue interrupting pain signals from that specific area.

Percutaneous Diskectomy Disc Decompression

This option is for patients suffering from low back and leg (radicular) pain due to contained disc herniations. This option is also performed on those who have failed in their conservative treatments and are interested in trying minimally invasive options before considering traditional back surgery. Percutaneous Discectomy is performed in surgery using local anesthetic or conscious sedation to allow patient monitoring in order to pinpoint the pain source. With the help of fluoroscopic guidance (live video X-Ray), the discectomy probe removes disc tissue via a tiny puncture in the skin similar to a simple injection. Removal of disc tissue may relieve painful pressure on the surrounding nerves. The total procedure takes 30-60 minutes.


A minimally invasive outpatient procedure in which a transmitter catheter (Wand) is inserted into the nucleus of the disc via a specila cannulae inserted through the skin and uses radio waves to dissolve tissue volume. This reduces or eliminates the pressure from the disc on the nerve root and thus the pain.

Provocative Discogram

An outpatient diagnostic X-ray test that attempts to replicate the patient’s pain symptoms in order to pinpoint

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the pain source in the discs. It has a diagnostic vallue that Xrays and MRI scans are not able to provide. It also measures the internal intradiscal pressures and assesses the anatomy of the internal components of the intervertebral disc such as internal disc disruptions, tears, etc. A medication mixture containing dye is injected into the disc enabling the physician to determine abnormal internal disc fibers, abnormal internal disc pressures, and the source of pain.

Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression (MILD)

As its name indicates, this is a minimally invasive surgery done using a very small incision in the low back to remove bone and ligament calcification that produces compression on the lumbar nerves caused by canal stenosis in the lumbar spine.


An outpatient procedure where a special medical device comparable to a heart Pacemaker is surgically inserted under the skin to send mild electrical impulses to the spinal cord (Spinal cord stimulators) or to a peripheral nerve (Peripheral nerve stimulators). These electrical impulses are delivered through special electrodes or leads that are also surgically implanted to specifically cover the area of pain. A trial test is usually performed first to allow you and your physician to assess if this treatment modality will help your condition.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) & Stem-Cell Injections

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) &

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Stem Cell injections are revolutionary new

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treatments that help relieving pain and help promote healing and the creation of new cartilage in different musculoskeletal conditions. Packed with growth and healing factors and delivered into different areas of the body via selective injections, these procedures significantly strengthens the body’s natural healing signal.